The Plastic Surgery team at the congress in Bern

by Hisham Fansa

On 24.9. Dr. Linder and Prof. Fansa gave lectures at the annual meeting of the Swiss Plastic Surgery Society

At the annual meeting of Plastic Surgery in Bern this year, Dr. Linder and Prof. Fansa gave lectures on new surgical techniques in breast reconstruction. Prof. Fansa showed his experience with the use of gentle vascular connections to the breast in autologous tissue reconstruction. In this case, the tissue is not connected to vessels in the depth of the thorax, as has been customary in the past, but smaller but very strong superficial vessels are used. The advantage is that there is less pain, the thoracic tissue is spared and the patients have less pain.

Dr. Linder showed how to create a belly button without a scar when removing tissue from the abdomen for breast reconstruction (DIEP flap) and also for abdominoplasty. Both lectures were highly praised and many specialists showed interest in learning these techniques anew.