The natural face-lift

by Hisham Fansa

A facelift is a classic aesthetic procedure. According to the International Aesthetic Society (ISAPS), approximately 400,000 facelift surgeries were performed worldwide in 2018. The facelift is the only technique to permanently mitigate the appearances of aging.

The visibility of a facelift requires a high level of expertise on the part of the surgeon. Public negative examples unsettle potential patients and make them refrain from such a procedure. While in the USA it is quite desirable to be able to see that a facelift has been performed, in our country the emphasis is more on an "invisible" facelift.

The primary goal is naturalness. Not the change of the characteristic, personal  appearance, but the elimination of age-related changes is in focus. The changes of the face with age are somewhat simplified:

1. Sagging of the subcutaneous tissue and skin along the direction of muscle pull. Where mimic muscles work, there is an excess of skin/subcutaneous tissue that sags downward over time. This is how the deep nasolabial fold and the typical "jowls" develop.

2. Volume loss. Facial fat not only sags with age, but also loses its volume. In addition, there is also the loss of bone and tooth substance.

3. Wrinkling. The elasticity of the skin decreases over the years. Genetic factors, weight gain and loss, smoking or sun have a strong influence here. These changes are visible in the entire facial area, not only above the mimic muscles.

The facelift should ideally address all 3 areas. However, the focus is on tightening the sagging structures. The facelift can only increase volume where the fatty tissue is "doubled" as part of the tightening. The loss of volume should therefore be compensated for by separate measures, such as autologous fat grafting. A facelift can remove excess skin, but it cannot improve skin quality. Wrinkles caused by loss of elasticity (often fine dermal wrinkles), or wrinkles that are not in the lifting area (e.g. wrinkles around the mouth), are not addressed by the lift; other skin treatments are more appropriate here.

With our special technique of SMAS facelift, we eliminate the signs of age without changing the face. You will look fresher and more rested afterwards and you will remain yourself.

Let us advise you, we are at your disposal as renowned experts for natural looking facelifts.