Taping against wrinkles?

by Hisham Fansa

You better see us

In the 80s, taping was already topical. Now it is back again. All magazines report about it. Overnight the face is taped directly over the wrinkles, hoping that the wrinkles go away, or are at least reduced. This works at night, but in the morning the wrinkles are back.....

Wrinkling in the face is caused by different factors: facial expressions. Where you move a muscle, a wrinkle is formed. In youthful skin there is enough elasticity that the wrinkle recedes. With age, this elasticity is lost. Smoking and direct UV radiation also accelerate this loss. Unfortunately, there is no way to bring back the elasticity. A good moisturizer, can already bring about some mitigation, but ultimately only plastic surgery procedures help: Botox can be used to reduce facial expressions on the frown line, forehead and marionette line, this in turn reduces wrinkles. With some hyaloronic acid (filler) you can fill up the subcutis a little bit, and with plastic surgery on the eye and face you get rid of the excess skin. A facelift gives you back the cheeks and jawline you had before aging, and a neck lift removes the excess on the neck.

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