Jowls vs. jaw line

by Hisham Fansa

Of course, ageing means wisdom, but it also means sagging tissue.
In the face, the sagging subcutaneous tissue sags downwards with the force of gravity. The volume of the face decreases, especially in the cheeks, and the skin loses its elasticity. The most obvious signs, however, are jowls. The sagging tissue sags downwards and is held back in front of the chin by ligaments that are anchored between the lower jaw bone and the skin. Without these ligaments, the jowls would slide even further forward towards the chin.

Permanently eliminating the jowls and making the jawline clearly visible again is an essential aspect of a facelift. No fillers, thread lift or Botox will help here. A good facelift brings the jawline back to the fore and gives it a fresh appearance.

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