Improving the neck contour

by Hisham Fansa

Removing fat or excess skin in the neck

The transition between the chin and neck is called the cervico-mental angle. Together with the jawline, it gives the face a youthful contour. If you have too much fatty tissue there, either hereditary or if you are a little overweight, this changes the contour and makes it appear unattractive. The same applies if the skin sags with age or after weight loss and too much skin covers the angle

In both cases, the cervico-mental angle can be restored. If too much fat is the problem, the fatty tissue can be removed and the angle fixed again. This creates  a defined angle again. For smaller fat deposits, this can be achieved with liposuction. In the case of more pronounced fat deposits located under the neck muscle (platysma), the fat is removed via a small, barely visible incision under the chin. This is also a good way of restoring the angle.

If there is excess skin on the neck, a neck lift can also be used to make the contour visible again. If there is only a small amount of excess skin, the small incision under the chin is sufficient. If there is too much skin, we recommend combining it with a facelift, as the jawline is usually also concealed by the jowls. If only the neck is taken care of, the face and neck no longer fit together and no longer appear harmonious.

When restoring the cervico-mental angle, we always make sure that the result looks natural.

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