Firm breast without implant

by Hisham Fansa

With a breast lift, the breast regains its shape

With ptosis, the existing breast tissue slides down with gravity. The nipple also usually moves down with it. This causes the breast to lose its shape. Usually there is still enough volume left so that the breast can be reshaped without an implant. The excess skin is removed and the volume and nipple are repositioned higher up. A lift (also called a mastopexy) does not require an implant. Provided that the volume is sufficient to reshape the breast. Only if there is not enough volume or if you want more volume do you need an implant.

With a lift, the breast is repositioned, reshaped and regains a natural, beautiful appearance. However, this requires incisions. Usually the scars run around the areola, vertically from the areola to the inframammary fold and in the fold itself. Only with these incisions the skin can be tightened well and the breast reshaped.  If it is possible, we recommend a pure mastopexy of the breast without an implant. If this is not possible, an implant can of course be inserted in the same operation. One should know that implants always have to be exchanged or removed after a certain time, as changes (e.g. capsular fibrosis) can occur in the course of time which make this necessary. Alternatively, we can inject your own fat (lipofilling). However, this cannot be done at the same time as the breast lift, but only in a second operation.

The breast lift, like the breast reduction, is a routine procedure that we perform several times a week. We would be happy to advise you on breast lifting.