Facelift - it's the details that count

by Hisham Fansa

A good facelift requires attention to detail. Of course, you have to lift exactly the right anatomical plane in order to achieve a beautiful result. But it is just as important to suture the skin on the face so that the facelift looks natural and not "operated on". Unfortunately, there are always bad examples in the media where the facelift does not look natural, but visibly "operated" and "distorted".

Here is an example of a patient who had surgery elsewhere and had to have a correction performed by us. What went wrong? The scar on the temple is too visible and the hairline is distorted (upper arrow). The middle arrow shows that the cartilage in front of the ear (the so-called tragus) was simply chopped off. It is simply missing after the operation. The lower arrow shows that the earlobe has been completely pulled downwards because too much tension has been applied to the skin. Correcting a poorly performed facelift is extremely difficult and demanding.

A good facelift is the best way to look fresher again. Only a good facelift can remove the signs of age and make the face look fresh again. No thread lifts, fillers or creams can do this. A facelift should be performed by a plastic surgeon who does this frequently and is familiar with it. Let us advise you. We operate with attention to detail.