Facelift at home

by Stephan Gehle

The New York Times examines marketing gags....

While Madonna celebrates her 63rd birthday with a complete face makeover, Marc Jacobs reveals that he has had a face-lift and can no longer hear that other celebrities attribute their youthful appearance to "olive oil," the New York Times asks whether the propagated "face-lift-at-home" really works.

Of course it doesn't work, that's the sad but honest answer. You can improve skin quality with all sorts of skin care products, but you can't stop the signs of aging. Good skin care, as well as abstinence from the sun and smoking, are the most effective ways to maintain and improve the quality of the skin.

Of note, the article goes on to say that according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, about $1.9 billion was spent on facelifts in 2020. After eyelid lifts and cosmetic nose surgery, facelifts were the third most common facial procedure in the U.S. in 2020, with more than 234,000 procedures, which is 75% more procedures than 20 years ago.  

Here, the facelift is also more in demand, but patients appear somewhat more reluctant. One of the main reasons is certainly that there are unfortunately many examples of "overlifted" celebrities. However, in the hands of an experienced, specialized plastic surgeon, a facelift is the best technique for refreshing the face, eliminating the signs of aging, such as sagging cheeks, pronounced nasolabial folds and jowls, and restoring the youthful chin line, all without distorting the face. Naturalness, that is our goal.

Unlike the "minimally invasive" options of fillers (usually hyaloronic acid) and sutures, the right facelift can restore the face to its long-lasting shape and eliminate the signs of age in an anatomically fair and natural way, without looking "made". While fillers "to go" are alluring in their simplicity, they simply cannot adequately re-tighten the connective tissues of the aging face. Volume alone is not a fountain of youth.

One of our main operations is the natural facelift, in which not only the skin, but also the subcutaneous tissue, the SMAS, is carefully and anatomically tightened, so that the result does not look artificial, but naturally fresh. You remain yourself, a little fresher and the way you feel. This operation requires long experience and professional skills.

Feel free to consult us about facelift, we will be glad to help you with an assessment and decision.