Breast Reconstruction with Autologous Tissue

by Hisham Fansa

We analyzed our breast reconstructions with autologous tissue from 3 years (2017-2019) in a large study. A total of almost 600 patients were included in the study. The primary focus was on cases where the breast was very large and ptotic. These are the reconstructions that are the most difficult for us surgeons to restore, because they require a reconstruction of a new breast at the same time, but also an adjustment of the existing breast skin.
We were able to prove that with our technique of gentle surgery using a special trick (tissue from the lower skin fold of the breast, so called "autoderm") we were able to keep the success rate high and the complication rate low. The analysis showed that especially a high body mass index (BMI), i.e. overweight, can lead to more complications. At the same time, a higher BMI also leads to longer surgery times.

Overall, however, the data showed that there were almost only rare and minor wound healing problems that could be cured without further surgery. Only in a few cases minor surgery was necessary to support the healing of the skin. We were thus able to show that our form of breast reconstruction with autologous tissue is very safe. The study has now been published in a renowned journal, JPM. You can read the study here.