In a breast lift, also known as mastopexy, the breast is reshaped and regains its female appearance.

If the breast is sagging, a breast lift can improve the appearance. Many women want a breast lift after pregnancy and breastfeeding because the skin has sagged and the breast has lost volume. Possible asymmetries can also be corrected in this way. At the same time the areola can be reduced in size and repositioned. If desired, an implant can also be inserted at the same time. The necessary incisions depend on the shape of the breast and the condition of the skin. We will discuss which incisions are the most suitable in a consultation.


The breast lift is performed under a short general anesthesia. First the excess skin is removed, then the breast is reshaped and the nipples are brought into their new position; usually the areola is reduced in size. Rarely small tubes (drains) are placed to drain off the wound water. Finally, the breasts are bandaged to minimize swelling.

After Surgery

The breasts are tense and painful for several days. A bra supports the healing. The stitches dissolve themselves. The scars are initially firm and slightly reddened. Light activities can, however, be resumed after a few days. The swelling can last 4 to 8 weeks. During this time the breasts are often sensitive to touch. After about 3 months the breasts have reached their final shape and size. After about 6 months, the scars fade.


Acute complications are extremely rare. However, as with any surgical procedure, there are certain risks, such as bleeding, infection or wound healing disorders. Sometimes there is hypersensitivity or numbness of the nipples, which usually normalizes over time, but may be permanent in a few patients. The ability to breastfeed may occasionally be impaired. We will discuss the exact risks in detail during the consultation.


We will discuss the costs in a personal consultation.





Please make a consultation appointment in advance. Appointments can be made by telephone, online or e-mail contact.

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