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In industrialized countries, breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor in women. The diagnosis of breast cancer comes as a shock: the cancer threatens life and therapy possibly affects breast and body image. We know, however, that in most cases today, treatment according to the guidelines leads to a cure. If discovered early enough and treated comprehensively, breast cancer can usually be cured permanently. With the right operations, however, we can also work as aesthetically pleasing as possible. We want to help our patients to receive the best oncological treatment and at the same time maintain a good quality of life.

Surgery for breast cancer is one of the main pillars of treatment. It is designed to remove the tumour with the greatest possible safety. At the same time, we are planning what other therapies (chemotherapy, antibodies, radiation, anti-hormonal therapy) will be required. Each therapy is embedded in our interdisciplinary Breast Centre Zurich, Bethanien & Spital Zollikerberg. This is important because there are many different types of breast cancer and we provide our patients with an individual treatment concept.

Today many patients are spared a complete breast removal (mastectomy) thanks to the breast-conserving therapy procedures (BCT). In addition to BCT, so-called oncoplastic surgery has now become established. This allows the breasts of selected patients to be preserved by reshaping them.

However, in some patients the affected breast must still be removed for oncological reasons. It is now possible to reconstruct the breast in the same operation in which the breast is removed. This immediate reconstruction can be done with implants or with the patient's own (autologous) tissue. This avoids the feeling of "waking up without a breast". The simultaneous removal of the breast and its reconstruction have no negative influence on the course of the cancer or further chemotherapy. On the contrary, they improve the quality of life and thus the well-being. Of course, a later, secondary reconstruction after amputation of the breast can also take place.

If radiation treatment has to be carried out later, reconstruction should be carried out with the autologous tissue. With reconstructive microsurgery, better aesthetic results can be achieved and possible impairments in the area where the autologous tissue is harvested can be significantly reduced. As an internationally recognized expert in breast reconstruction, I am one of the pioneers of gentle breast reconstruction with autologous tissue. I have developed a particularly gentle procedure, which I would be happy to advise you about. Reconstructions with implants are also possible in many cases. However, foreign material such as silicone implants should rather not be irradiated, as the tissue can change significantly.

Based on my experience I can offer you all surgical procedures. Which one of the surgical procedures is used should be considered individually.


If oncologically and cosmetically feasible, we prefer breast-conserving therapy for breast cancer. As a plastic surgeon I can offer you special forms of preservation.


If a BCT is not possible, so-called oncoplastic methods are used. The breast is reshaped in a more complex way and remains intact.


Based on my experience, I can offer you all procedures of breast reconstruction using autologous tissue. In addition, I have developed a very gentle microsurgical reconstruction procedure using the autologous tissue.


The simplest form of breast reconstruction is the reconstruction with an implant. Breast implants are usually filled with silicone gel and must be replaced over the years.


If the nipple had to be removed during breast cancer surgery, it can be reconstructed later. The reconstruction of the nipple and areola, represents the "icing on the cake" of breast reconstruction and completes it.


If a genetic risk of breast cancer (e.g. BRCA) has been diagnosed, prophylactic or preventive breast removal (mastectomy) should be considered. The reconstruction can be performed in the same operation.





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Prof. Dr. med. Hisham Fansa, MBA
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Head of Plastic Surgery

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