Breast Surgery Requires Experience

Breast surgery is one of my specialties. I offer you the entire spectrum of aesthetic breast surgery, from mastopexy and breast reduction to breast augmentation with implants, or the combination of mastopexy and augmentation in one operation. In reconstruction, e.g. in case of breast cancer, I offer you immediate or delayed breast reconstruction with implants or autologous tissue. Unfortunately, we also see more and more often insufficient aesthetic interventions, so that I also offer corrective surgery after previous interventions.

Within the field of aesthetic surgery, breast surgery is a special focus for me. I have described my surgical experience in my textbook on breast surgery (Springer 2018). In this book, all surgical interventions on the breast, both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, are documented. I have also been able to document my expertise on television. In 2016 and 2018 I have shown my expertise in corrective surgery after previous unsuccessful cosmetic surgery in several reports on SAT1. Since 2013 I was listed on the FOCUS list of Germany's TOP breast surgeons.



If the breast is perceived as too small, has lost volume or is asymmetrical, it can be enlarged by an implant. Correctly applied, breast augmentation can significantly improve the quality of life.


Large breasts can lead to back and neck pain. Breast reduction (mammoplasty), is a procedure that achieves good results in experienced hands.


If the breast is sagging, a breast lift (mastopexy) can improve the appearance. The breast regains its youthful shape. Possible asymmetries can also be corrected in this way.


The disease after insertion of breast implants is a complex symptomatology. These can be neurological or autoimmune, but also affect muscles and joints, the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system.


Gynecomastia (male breast) is an enlargement of the male breast that can be caused by an oversized mammary gland, local fat storage or both. The operation requires a high level of expertise.




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Prof. Dr. med. Hisham Fansa, MBA
Facharzt für Plastische, Rekonstruktive
und Ästhetische Chirurgie (FMH)
Head of Plastic Surgery

Spital Zollikerberg
Trichtenhauserstrasse 20
CH-8125 Zollikerberg